Making the game of golf more accessible and welcoming to women.

Learn to Golf: For Runners

Follow these 6 Steps to become a Golfer this Summer

I am a golfer.

Earlier this year I had a great meeting with Stacy Chestnutt, Race Director for Sole Sisters Women’s Race. We share a similar passion to see women empower one another and encourage ladies and girls to become physically active. Stacy is a runner, a serious runner. I learned that day that Stacy has never swung a golf club in her life. Later, I was thinking about our meeting and thought to myself, If you can run 40 marathons, you can play golf! So I have decided to create this easy program so all runners can Learn to Golf this summer.

Many of my closest female friends and family members are runners, but they weren’t always. Some of them have taken it up later in life to get healthy or lose weight. I know of many who are now competing in marathons, half marathons, 5 and 10K races etc

What seemed impossible before is no longer seen as a challenge for them. In fact, they have their calendar and vacation time filled with various races in our community, around the country and even internationally for the next 5 years.

“I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it.” – Michael Phelps

Golf for Runners

I will admit that I am envious of their determination, but so proud of their hard work and accomplishments. My friend Tracy is heading out tonight for her 463 rd run in a row, crazy I know!

I have decided to learn to run, so I can spend time with my running friends and I am challenging all the runners out there to Learn to Golf!

I have marked my calendar and registered for the Sole Sisters 5K Women’s Race on June 6th, 2015 in Dartmouth, NS. I am determined and excited to spend some social time with my friends, however long it takes me to finish. And I have turned to a Learn to Run Program to guide me on my path to the finish line.

Recently, I read an interesting article written by Jenny Hadfield:  The World’s Simplest Learn to Run Program (follow @coachjenny). I have adapted her tips to create this Learn to Golf Program for Runners. By following these 6 steps, I am confident you will be ready to play golf before the end of the summer.

  1. Make a Schedule: Mark three months on your calendar and schedule a practice session at a driving range three times per week every other day. (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) By the end you will be ready to play golf on the course. Go ahead, book your tee time (set your goal) at a golf course because after 3 months you will be ready to play!
  2. Warm Up: Start every practice session with 5 minutes of stretching to prepare your body for the movement of the golf swing. (i.e. Small and large arm circles, squats, touch your toes) Start out easy, but be sure to engage all your large muscle groups and core. Spend a couple minutes taking half swings and hitting balls off a tee. This eye-hand coordination will help develop your swing.
  3. Stick to 30 Minutes: Keep the total time of your practice session to 30 minutes. This will give you enough time to hit about 40 golf balls. Don’t worry if you only hit one club during the session. As the weeks go by you will begin to hit other clubs. Start by hitting the 9 or 7 iron with a tee and work your way to the longer clubs (Driver).  As the weeks go on you may want to increase your sessions to one hour.
  4. Finish when you hit a good shot: If we keep missing the ball, the chance of us repeating the activity again are nearly zero. Golfers need to be happy. Always end your session with a good shot, even if it isn’t your last ball. Any golfer can tell you the complete story of how they hit their most amazing shot of all time. If you are missing the ball and getting frustrated– take a short break and start back by making half swings, watching the club make contact with the ball.
  5. Be the Beginner, not the Pro: We are impatient – Don’t try to be Tiger Woods the first time you step out onto the driving range. Your new golf swing will become habit over time. Many of the best male and female golfers in the world learned by simply hitting golf balls. If you want to learn more about your swing or proper equipment and etiquette you may wish to take lessons from a PGA Teaching Professional. They will ensure you are working on the right things. Most facilities or golf clubs will be able to arrange lessons for you.
  6. Get out and Play! If you make contact with every ball you swing at and commit to picking up and heading to the next hole after making 10 swings you are ready to play! We do not need to be expert golfers to enjoy the game. You are ready! Grab a few friends and head out for 9 holes.

If you still need a little more convincing I have outlined a few similarities between running and golfing:

  • Physical activities you can do for a lifetime
  • Social activities that can be done with friends (or meet new ones)
  • People with various body types can participate
  • Require very little equipment to start
  • Best enjoyed outdoors
  • Can be done for competition or just for fun

If by the end of three months I can become a runner, I know you can become a golfer! Grab your running shoes, a golf club (and a new outfit), I will see you on the first tee!


I guess my most favourite week of 2020 will be November when The Masters returns! A little something to look forward to this week.Updated statement from Fred Ridley, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club:

"In collaboration with the leading organizations in golf, Augusta National Golf Club has identified November 9-15 as the intended dates to host the 2020 Masters Tournament.

While more details will be shared in the weeks and months to come, we, like all of you, will continue to focus on all mandated precautions and guidelines to fight against the Coronavirus.

Along the way, we hope the anticipation of staging the Masters Tournament in the fall brings a moment of joy to the Augusta community and all those who love the sport."

View full details at
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A little Sunday Scrabble fun! I challenge you to fill the board with golf words only. I had 8 tiles left! #golf #quarantinefun ... See MoreSee Less

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Had a little extra time on my hands today! Enjoy a few moments from 2019. Miss everyone! Stay safe friends. Enjoy- was lots of fun remembering the laughs ... See MoreSee Less

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How exciting the Par 3 at Cabot is going to be ready in 2020!We are thrilled to reveal the logo for our third course at Cabot Cape Breton, The Nest!
The Nest is a Par 3, 10-hole routing perched on the highest point of Cabot Cliffs, affording some of the best views on property. A short course with all of the thrills of a traditional round, we are very excited for the variety it has in store for golfers of all skill levels! ⛳
The Nest is scheduled to open July 1st. 🇨🇦 Until then, stay tuned for updates including photos, routing information, tee time bookings, and more!
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Thankful I can get outside to practice these days.
If you struggle with the Chip shot try these tips:
✅ open stance
✅ weight on front leg
✅ ball forward (for me off left heel)
✅ hands slightly behind ball at address
✅ soft hands
✅ stay loose
✅ think smooth tempo
❌ wear your painting PJ’s

What shot do you struggle with? What can I help you with?
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A little Sunday Scrabble fun! I challenge you to fill the board with golf words only. I had 8 tiles left! #golf #quarantinefun

Disappointed for the athletes, coaches and all involved in the postponement of the games, but understandable in these difficult times. Looking ahead our #golf team will be ready to compete in 2021! #coach #hopeyouarethere #naig2021 @hfxgov

The basement putting green is complete! Thanks @GolfSupplyHouse for the amazing turf and cups. Think I need flags? Practice made better with @CallawayGolf @odysseygolf #strokelab putters. Think I need a few posters @tommyjdunn @BruceCarroll11 to finish the studio? #golf

Those thinking about going to a public golf course and playing should stay away but donate a % of your green fee to keep the people that will be there when we all come back to play afloat. Private members, please pay your dues...same applies. We need golf to survive this period!

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As a beginner golfer I can enjoy the game without intimidation or fear. Several scheduled tee times per week make it possible to pick and choose times and courses convenient to the golfer. It’s been a great summer of social golfing and of skill development. I look forward to next season.
Nancy Bowie


Sara Wilson Director & Coach


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